August 5, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

I don't know what to think,
You're God
Yet You chose to come and die for me.
You took great pains to let me see.
I turned away,
But still You say,
Come back, come back to Me.
Since I am a human beast,
I say, "No, no: let me feast
Here on my shame,
There on my blame.
You're the beauty, I'm the beast."
I must cause You pain and grief;
My visits to Your door are brief.
I've done bad things,
But still You sing,
"You're Mine, I took your grief."
"I took your burdens and your sorrow,
I'll take them again today and tomorrow.
Give Me your will,
It's a weary mill
Turning slowly around your sorrow."
Give Me your soiled and dirty gown;
I'll trade: My white for brown.
It will never stain.
This, you will gain,
I will see you, Beautiful, in My shining gown."
I think I've come to understand,
There's no way that I can withstand.
I am giving up my sin,
Saying I can't win.
Now relief is replaced by belief,
As I hear my God and Savior say...
"You are MY beauty,
I will take the beast.
Yes, and I'm still here,
Come back,
Come back to Me."

© D.E., June 2008

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The Farmer Files said...

Love the ending....