September 9, 2008


A guest post by the one who instigated this whole staying-up-till-2-in-the-morning-writing-furiously habit, our mom.

(with U in the middle, something seems wrong)

The earth is round.
But if you say 
The earth is flat,
Well, that's o.k.

And two plus two 
Is four, unless
Your view of it
Is more... or less.

And apples may fall 
On your head,
But some apples
Fall up, I've read. 

And did you hear
That water'll freeze,
Now and then,
At twelve degrees?

Oops, Did I 
Mispel a werd?
Aw, that's alrite,
The thawt waz herd.

No imputation 
Need I make
Because I believe
A mistake.

I just try hard, and
That's enough.
I sometimes quit
When life gets rough.

And there are times
When I am right
To lie, to cheat,
To steal, to fight.

For after all,
When life is o'er,
I win, because
I keep the score.

It simply is
The natural end
When absolutes
Begin to bend.

For when the truth
Is set aside,
The first guest to 
Arrive is pride.

When pride convenes
With human reason,
Justice becomes
What is pleasing.

Lust and logic,
Hand in hand,
Construct a life-house
On the sand.

In knowing what 
Is right or wrong,
We cannot trust
The human song.

Good and evil,
Wrong and right,
Still battle on
Throughout the night.

Yet don't forget;
The victory's won
O'er the lie
That Satan spun.

The truth is not
In me, you see,
But rather in
The Trinity.

Are only found
Where Grace and Truth
Share common ground.

Reality is
Soft of voice.
The truth demands
Only one choice.

The time will come
When God will say,
"What have you done
With My Son today?"

He who caused
The earth to be,
Who loves each one

He spoke.  It was.
And it was good.
He is the "I am."

© 1995, Mrs. E. 

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