December 11, 2008

Meaning of the Darkness

by Guy 2

First you see the angel, then you notice the silhouette of a man beneath.
And next, if you were closer to the ink print, you would begin to find meaning in the black surroundings. A dragon, fire, a cross, men, buildings, a swan...
What does it mean?
Guy 2 is not sure.
Any suggestions?

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chris said...

If I may assert my guess into this one... Guy dreams of a particular girl who is an angel to him (perfect & holy), but surrounding that dream are all of his inner struggles to follow what is pure & holy (cross, swan), as opposed to what is not (dragon, fire) regarding his thoughts & actions toward the angel girl. The building symbolizes developing a solid relationship with angel girl amidst all of his inner struggles.

(BTW, My wife & I are Girl 1's friends)