December 5, 2008

White (sock) Flag

The epic battle he fought since infancy. Today, he signed a peace treaty with his socks.

The 11 month old has a history of removing socks. 4.5 seconds flat, both feet. Never mind wet grass, rain, or sleet. No matter what.

Today, somewhere between exploring the Poulsbo boardwalk in 40 degree weather and walking on almost frozen concrete to a Viking statue, he waved the white (sock) flag in the air and called a truce.

Back in our toasty living room, he sought out his sock and sat, pressing it to his foot. After my shock wore off, I disbelievingly slid the sock onto his foot.

Step, step, step. He walked (he walked!) to the second sock, wanting it too.

He has reached peace with his socks, and is now asleep with warm toes.


Jake and Bethany L said...

Hooray, no more lost socks at random places like the Goodwill.

Anonymous said...

Cozy Toe-zies!!! Tutu love you, little bug.