February 20, 2009

A Boat is a Boat, but a Mystery Box could be Anything

Life has a very different flavor when you don’t sleep at all…
After about 24 hours of life I was happy beyond all reason. I had perspective! My work was done and the sunrise was spectacular! After 25 hours and one biology class, happiness gave way to wasted-ness. I fumbled my way across campus and dumped onto my mattress. I was tripping on air.

Thus I was only slightly surprised when I instantly found myself in a dark room late at night. I woke up to the sound of the dorm intercom blaring, “ALL RESIDENTS OF NORTH HALL, R.H.A. HAS A SURPRISE FOR YOU IN THE THIRD FLOOR LOBBY.”

Fortunately I didn’t care what lame thing they were doing so I stayed in bed.
The End.

Okay. So maybe I am a sucker for surprises. The room was full when I got there and the surprise... flavor tripping.
That’s what I said, flavor tripping. A tablet that you put in your mouth that messes over your taste buds so that everything tastes sweet. Vinegar, pineapple, potato chips, grass, it all tastes sweet! Or so I am told. It was only a preview for a flavor tripping party (oh silly Christian college) so only five people got to try it.

The five were not crowd pleasers. They stood around a table in front of fifty people and delicately sampled the array of food, making quiet comments. COME ON! I’m Hungry! The least you could do is throw in some good old fashion exclamation:
“Jumpin’ Jehosephat, tis like ice cream!”
“Sweet nectar of the gods!”
But no, they just quietly let their minds flip out inside their heads.

In case you're wondering...
here's how it works.

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