March 6, 2009

B-L-O-G: A Guest Post


You're kidding. Is this a real word. Apparently so.

When in doubt, google it, right?

So here's the abbreviated version of my research on the origin of this word. Ready? It's just "weblog", cut and pasted, missing the first two letters in transition.

But you must understand something. In one short evening, in spite of it's ridiculously uninviting sound as it rolls of the tongue (go ahead, say it out loud... blog), I have fallen in love with this word. Why?

Let's rewind a bit to gain perspective. I'm a grandmother. In order to attain this rewarding and prestigious status, I first was conceived, then born, then grew through childhood, was married, had 6-way intersections, then one of them finally came through for me, providing me with this new-fangled identity. You can imagine just how many years this must have taken (mind your p's and q's, now, you young whipper-snapper).

A short number of years ago, my short people gave me a long introduction to basic applications of our computer using short words and long sighs. The long and the short of it lead, amazingly, to acquiring my own computer, my own e-mail account, and the ever-hesitant toe-dipping and occasional wading into the quieter waters of the world wide web. I always thought spiders were creepy.

Now, fast forward to the "I'm a grandmother" part again. You can always identify a grandma, because they use outdated words like "dial" the phone, "type" a letter, "rewind" or "fast forward" a conversation, or "That Suzie is a 'carbon copy' of her mother!" This is because we lived, laughed, and loved way back in the days of dial phones, typewriters, and VCRs. Some of us even have fond memories of using a razor blade to correct a mistake we made while typing with carbon paper between two sheets of typing paper. Eat your heart out, Xerox! (That's grandma-speak).

So, where was I? Oh yes! Blog. Did I tell you that I'm in love with the word blog?

Legally, I'm not supposed to write for 6-Way Intersection because I'm not one of them. But in the true spirit of the law, do me a small favor... humor their mother.

Imagine walking into the kitchen, rummaging through the drawer, withdrawing a can opener and a fork, reaching for a can of something with a label you don't recognize. Hmmm, you think, as the seal pops and hisses, then creaks as the lid is misshapen and bent backward. Smells delicious.... and then you taste....

You outsiders who occasionally tune in to 6-Way Intersection for a good read may enjoy what you find. But to me, it is infinitely more.

It fills my heart with a thankfulness that I cannot begin to express with words... to see my own children, my own flesh and blood, pour the contents of their hearts into words on a blog that lift praises to their Creator and Saviour, that search the depths of souls, that draw tears of joy and laughter, and words that offer the wwworld an invitation to the same.

Thank you, my 6 little intersections. I am so richly blessed. Listen to Jesus... and keep blogging.

I love you.


........ and don't forget to wash behind your ears and change your socks and say please and thank you. Some things never go out of style.

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