March 7, 2009

Ignoring the Still, Small, "Smash the Alarm Clock" Voice

This morning I got out of bed two hours before my eight o’clock class… This was not a normal day, it was however a beautiful day. I stepped outside at 6:00 am into 60o weather and an amazing blazing orange sunrise. (Sounds like a marketing deal, “The Amazing Blazing Orange Surprise!”)

I went to the gym for a little while, but instead of running on the track I decided to run outside, it was after all, irresistible. I spit in the creek, kicked some ducks, and got some clarity for the first time since… since the last time I got up or stayed up early enough to see a sunrise. After a leisurely breakfast and a tall frosty glass o’
OJ, I decided to write this note.

My goal? To get you pumped enough to ignore the still small voice that says “SMASH THE ALARM CLOCK!” every morning at seven. Instead, set it back in time and cruise outside.

"What a brilliant idea!" I said to myself. I was still quite happy about my morning revelation until I got to psychology class, borrowed Brittany’s text book, and flipped it open to study.

Right there, in some inanely brilliant coloured box (I’m just bitter)
“At around 20 years old, most people begin to make the switch from being an evening ‘owl’ to being a morning ‘lark’”

Gosh… how old am I anyways? Turning nineteen in may...

I felt very predictable. I was so sure I had invented something. It almost made me want to stop getting up in the mornings.


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